Jun 30, 2013

Pruning the family tree

Ok, try not to get too distracted by the tie-dye inspired opportunity shop carpet, in its glorious shades of mustard and (chocolate) custard, and take a look at this....
This wall hanging, fashioned from a vanished slice of tree has a ode to 'Mother and Dad' on it, in gold paint. It reads as follows.

"To Mother and Dad. I am thinking tonight of my two best friends - The greatest and truest a man ever had. And these thoughts from my heart a great love sends, To those two best pals - My MOTHER and DAD"

Yeah...quite overstated and vaguely troubling! But take a look at where the somewhat crude hanging device of this plaque is located...
 Yes...at the bottom, on the front! So on the wall, it looks like this...
I guess the owner of this plaque preferred to read the age lines of the tree than the schmaltzy parental love poem. Which is also vaguely troubling, but rather amusing nonetheless!

[Special thanks to Cath for alerting me to this existence of this object!]

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  1. I am particularly fond of the mismatched proper nouns to assist with the rhyming....classy!