Nov 15, 2010

A few pegs

I took a forensic stroll through the local alleys and laneways this afternoon. A theme soon emerged.....plastic pegs. Since people's backyards flank the alleys, the abundance of pegs came as no great surprise. These pegs and peg fragments are faded and incredibly brittle, just picking them up caused many to crumble in my fingers. Others are rusted shut. Exposure to the elements has rendered them unusable. Engaging in this sort of urban archeology is strangely rewarding. Unfortunately it tends to unsettle the neighbours.

Nov 10, 2010

Talking rubbish

Never, in all my years of perusing the hard rubbish, have I been threatened with legal action...until last weekend. Two men in light blue shirts informed me that the penalty for removing hard rubbish is $500 PER ITEM. Gee, that adds up pretty quickly. Does each dinner plate count as a single item or is a complete set one item? Do I get a discount because it's a bit dirty? Where can I get a refund if this record player is faulty? Yes, even our own rubbish has been privatised. But I ask the question...landfill or loungeroom? Case dismissed.

Nov 7, 2010

Not Sandals

the sky chief hard rubbish case?
Nothing but the simple packing list of a very light traveller.
Forget about gadgets. Remember a book.

Nov 1, 2010

Bon Ami, Mi Amore

Iconic design, complete with the kitchen sink. With Vinium* That must be the magical compound that cleans vinyl! There's still a bit left in the container, I shall sprinkle it liberally over my floors and wait for a 1950's housewife to appear to do the rest.

*I googled Vinium, it's so magical I can't find any information on it at all.