Dec 1, 2013

The Pill

One of my more unusual hard rubbish finds - a packet of contraceptive pills, embedded in a clear resin block. If you shake the block you can hear the individual pills rattle about. This object would have once had its place in a doctors office, alongside eye-charts and plastic models of brains and such. Unfortunately I didn't find any of those, but I did find a several decks of unopened playing cards branded with airline logos and a stash of sample packets of pain killers...hmm, how terribly responsible of a person (ie; suspected medical health professional) to leave drugs on the footpath.
Anyway, back to 'The Pill'! I've been told that the design for this popular brand of birth control pills has now changed, from this simple one-directional format to a somewhat confusing zig-zagging one, arrows twisting in every direction. Several women I know looked fondly upon this original design and reminisce of simpler times.