Dec 1, 2013

The Pill

One of my more unusual hard rubbish finds - a packet of contraceptive pills, embedded in a clear resin block. If you shake the block you can hear the individual pills rattle about. This object would have once had its place in a doctors office, alongside eye-charts and plastic models of brains and such. Unfortunately I didn't find any of those, but I did find a several decks of unopened playing cards branded with airline logos and a stash of sample packets of pain killers...hmm, how terribly responsible of a person (ie; suspected medical health professional) to leave drugs on the footpath.
Anyway, back to 'The Pill'! I've been told that the design for this popular brand of birth control pills has now changed, from this simple one-directional format to a somewhat confusing zig-zagging one, arrows twisting in every direction. Several women I know looked fondly upon this original design and reminisce of simpler times. 

Aug 11, 2013

Little house, big house

Aug 8, 2013

Happiness squared

Such are the rewards of visiting your mum while the council hard rubbish collection just happens to be operating in her neighbourhood. I'm not sure what I'm more exited about...finding a crate full of vinyl records...
...or, a boxed set of 'Sets in Order - The Official Magazine of Square Dancing', 1969 -71 (California).

My heart is thumping, my turntable is spinning and my collage fingers are twitching! Happiness to the power of two!

Jun 30, 2013

Pruning the family tree

Ok, try not to get too distracted by the tie-dye inspired opportunity shop carpet, in its glorious shades of mustard and (chocolate) custard, and take a look at this....
This wall hanging, fashioned from a vanished slice of tree has a ode to 'Mother and Dad' on it, in gold paint. It reads as follows.

"To Mother and Dad. I am thinking tonight of my two best friends - The greatest and truest a man ever had. And these thoughts from my heart a great love sends, To those two best pals - My MOTHER and DAD"

Yeah...quite overstated and vaguely troubling! But take a look at where the somewhat crude hanging device of this plaque is located... the bottom, on the front! So on the wall, it looks like this...
I guess the owner of this plaque preferred to read the age lines of the tree than the schmaltzy parental love poem. Which is also vaguely troubling, but rather amusing nonetheless!

[Special thanks to Cath for alerting me to this existence of this object!]

May 9, 2013

Dear Dan

There have been many slabs of concrete laid along my street in the last few years. While they have been poured at different times, a significant number have been marked by 'Dan'. Which leads me to suspect Dan lives in my street. So Dan, perhaps I can encourage you to further develop your creative process. The last time you marked your name (on my driveway) I noticed some interesting line markings - flourishes even! Am I right in thinking your work is perhaps getting a little stale, and that these new line markings are your attempt to break out of what has become a repetitive rut? Because I think you're making real progress, significant creative strides! Maybe next time you could even do away with your name completely and simply draw an image - a portrait of yourself perhaps? I can see your work deals with themes of personal identity and belonging, as well as feelings of disenchantment in a capitalist world. I also wonder if the imminent prospect of death informs your work - an urge to immortilise yourself in stone (or it's country cousin, concrete). Anyway, I wish you well in your creative endeavours, and hope my comments may help encourage you to have the confidence to push your work a little further. I understand you are somewhat limited by time constraints working with this material, but I think with some further thought you could work around this, and even use it to your advantage. 

Mar 7, 2013

Exotica suite

I found this vinyl record in the local Lions op shop, and was terribly amused by the piece of hessian stuck to its jacket. I imagined someone had found the image underneath too racey, became ovewhelmed by exotic possibilities, then felt compelled to cover it up - a modesty panel, if you like! I have since googled this record, and to my surprise, ALL the record covers had this odd hessian rectangle stuck to it! Um....why? Am I missing some conceptual design master stroke? Maybe the jacket sans hessian didn't get past the censorship board, so this was a solution? So despite the cover not being uniquely modified as I first thought, I am still tempted to enlist the services of a paper conservator, who could prove or disprove my theory. Otherwise somebody needs to enlighten me as to how the addition of hessian relates to this record. Don't get me wrong, I love collage and texture, it's just that it seems a little kooky in this case. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) Compositionally it works, maybe that's all that matters. As you were!
[Cover design; Francis & Monahan, Inc.]