Nov 19, 2009

Mug shots

The above mug has been charged with crimes against taste. It was whiling away the hours in the ‘please-take-me’ box of a country garage sale, until it got a second chance in the city. Below are some other mugs I have taken under my wing. A bit of tough love with a drill bit & they are now fully rehabilitated.

Nov 1, 2009

You say Potato, I say Dear God!

Above left, an old postcard. Above right, true horror, Freddy Krueger style. I took that photo 7 miles east of Fredrickton, New Brunswick, on the Trans Canadian Highway. So it seems Australians don’t have a monopoly on unsettling monolithic sculptures. Speaking of which, look at this splendid lobster, found somewhere in South Australia, a feverish childhood memory, circa 1980's family road trip. Which sculpture is scarier? Discuss.