Sep 28, 2010

Warm Hard Truths

The absurd



narrative poetry

of hard rubbish

is everywhere

I look

Sep 20, 2010

Mission - brown

I an attempt to erase tagging and reinstate the glory that is 'mission brown' ( a colour parents of the 70's loved a little too well) this brick wall gets a half-hearted touch up. Fascinatingly hideous.

Lay me down

I have become a little obsessed with photographing abandoned mattresses.These tired old beds and the stories they could tell....out in the rain, slumped against trees, I can feel their pain!There are all sorts of design styles, but mattress fabrics are dominated by floral motifs. Presumably we all want to lie down in a bed of roses or a field of gold. The mattress below was a highlight, quite radiant, almost lyrical. My camera insisted I take this shot in 'sunset' mode. Who am I to argue?
So convincing was this scene, a hopeful bee landed to gather pollen from the flowers. Poor little sucker.

Sep 13, 2010


Some blue things from the Hard Rubbish trawl this afternoon, compliments of the City of Monash. The 'chiller' fridge tray design rivals the 'meatkeeper' find from March this year.

Beds In Space

Mattress size lozenges, launching into the Hard Rubbish zone (HR according to Paul and his cousins).