Dec 31, 2009

On the Island

There is no police presence on French Island. That is why at the end of the pier you will find rows of rusted, dented, unregistered, number plate-less vehicles. Interestingly, many of these salted wrecks have locks on their bonnets and fuel doors...and one car is adorned in astroturf. Island Law, I am assured, runs smoothly.

Dec 6, 2009


One of my all time favourite op-shop treasures – a red light globe filled with 140 matches with the metaphorical tag ‘Light Up!’ I keep that close, on the discarded hall table that serves as a computer station. And another, a relic from the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre (aka Darebin tip). This was before they built the soulless tin shed, tripled their prices and ditched half of their staff. I found this collage on a piece of rough hewn corrugated board, lost amongst the paperbacks, and took it to the counter for pricing. They said I could have it for free. I walked away feeling like I’d found a Pollock in an op-shop for a song. I like to imagine the Nonna that pieced it together from devotional cards kept from homeland churches, cutting down a fruit box with the blunt scissors she stored in the kitchen drawer. Many of my friends just find this creepy.

Dec 5, 2009

Are We Not Human?

I may have to start a band called 'The Human Body', just to use this as the cover art for the debut self-titled EP. Typophiles, please enjoy the 'O' and the 'D', and that snug little 'Y'.