May 9, 2013

Dear Dan

There have been many slabs of concrete laid along my street in the last few years. While they have been poured at different times, a significant number have been marked by 'Dan'. Which leads me to suspect Dan lives in my street. So Dan, perhaps I can encourage you to further develop your creative process. The last time you marked your name (on my driveway) I noticed some interesting line markings - flourishes even! Am I right in thinking your work is perhaps getting a little stale, and that these new line markings are your attempt to break out of what has become a repetitive rut? Because I think you're making real progress, significant creative strides! Maybe next time you could even do away with your name completely and simply draw an image - a portrait of yourself perhaps? I can see your work deals with themes of personal identity and belonging, as well as feelings of disenchantment in a capitalist world. I also wonder if the imminent prospect of death informs your work - an urge to immortilise yourself in stone (or it's country cousin, concrete). Anyway, I wish you well in your creative endeavours, and hope my comments may help encourage you to have the confidence to push your work a little further. I understand you are somewhat limited by time constraints working with this material, but I think with some further thought you could work around this, and even use it to your advantage.