Oct 29, 2011

The Tin

While fossicking around the hard rubbish piles in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, I spotted a metal cigarette tin that had been overpainted to resemble some sort of flag. Curious. Picking it up I could feel there was something inside the tin. By now my spidey senses were tingling. Just to prolong that feeling I thought I'd open it when I got home.
Later in the day, upon opening the tin I found.....THIS!
Ok, that's a cash box envelope, but more importantly, that biro pen scrawl seems to indicate a National Australia Bank box number. Could it be? Looking inside the envelope  I found this.....
OMG it's a KEY!  I have no idea what to do about this. Please advise.


  1. How exciting!

  2. Jason Bourne had an amazing array of stuff in his safety deposit box.

    Go check it out. You never know.

    Are you sure you know who you are?

  3. Hmm, I'm pretty sure but I'll check my hip for microchips, just in case...
    More interestingly though, I have no idea who YOU are Anonymous #2! Maybe you planted the tin in the hard rubbish in an attempt to lead me into a trap! *gasp!*

  4. Call NAB!! I so would. they should be able to advise you. Probably they'd try to contact the person named on the account. If they can't, maybe you can claim it! I hope it's $10,000 and some amazing vintage art deco jewelry :)

  5. I am with Fletch on this!

  6. Anonymous X - I agree call NAB. I once found $50.00 on the floor in an NAB branch and handed it in. They ended up giving it to me when it went unclaimed.

  7. I have contacted NAB, they have said you have to be the rightful owner of the box to open it. Party poopers! Oh well, the mystery alone will have to sustain us all.