Apr 3, 2010

It's My Party

A few snippets from this book, published in 1977.

"Giving a party should be fun - fun for the giver and fun for the guests. But it is not always so. When your guests have gone home, you could be left thinking: "Where did it all go wrong?" If so, it is very likely that it went wrong when you said: "Let's have a party!"

"Did you think what you were going to do? Did you plan? Or did you hope that it would work out? The best parties are planned parties. But only you should know all the work that goes into them."

"Don't talk about the party in front of too many people. Never, never use the telephone. Many parties come to an end because of that danger of dangers, the gatecrasher."

"Ask a friend to help you by giving people a welcome drink and keeping the record player going, while you help new guests with their things."

"All too soon the party is over. As you close the door on the last guest, and look around, you will see it: your room - the place you took so long to make nice. Ashtrays full to the top...glasses and dirty plates everywhere...chairs pushed here and there. This is the time when you find a drink, put on a lively record and then turn to with a will. Lot's of hard work - Yes! But now you know you can give a party - a good party. So here's to the next!"

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