Jan 20, 2010

Antique snails

Sunday morning, Camberwell Market, just another box of odds & ends. A gentle shake of this match box felt oddly light. Inside I discovered nine snails shells collected from Lord Howe island in 1928, collected by 'Stone', according to the inked tag. Antique snails! Vintage gastropods! In order not to draw attention to my stupendous scientific find, I nonchalantly offered the seller 20 cents. This event is now referred to as The Great Snail Swindle.


  1. And perhaps there are gems hidden in the snails!

  2. Love it! But if the seller was willing to sell it to you for twenty cents, they did not value it. It is only The Great Snail Swindle to you because you saw value in and the seller thought it was crap. You prbably saved it from being tossed in the bin.(It was a bargain whether swindle or not!)

  3. Great matchbox label too. We go to a matchbox collectors fair every year in the local hall. some great bargains . I have a few on my Flickr stream.