Oct 18, 2009

Getting there / being there

I'm allergic to bees but I like honey. I spotted this one at the tram stop on the weekend. My last encounter with a bee involved it stinging me on the top of my head and going to Emergency at 3 AM with a brain crushing migraine and lymph nodes strung like a bunch of grapes around my neck. Encouraged by the prospect of trawling the hard rubbish on the streets of Malvern I was fearless. Last year I scored in this council zone, but this year was a bit disappointing. It seems the GFC has effected the quality of hard rubbish in this rather affluent suburb. Yes, it's that serious! There was plenty of actual rubble, not the haphazard piles of promising miscellanea I affectionately refer to as rubble. And countless bundles of foliage (yawn). This mattress below was perhaps the nicest thing I saw. The strangest thing was 4 half empty bottles of Cinzano. At least that's what the labels said, it was a bit too early for sampling. I left them for wayward children. I hope they are not too busy playing on the computer to rummage and pilfer. Kids these days....

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